Women's Workshops

Unforgettable Learning!
Why do we work with women?  We are women!

As women, we are constantly in fear of being judged.  Horses are incapable of judgment.  What a unique thought; to go to a place where judgment does not exist and we can just be ourselves! They don't care about our clothes, our weight, our spiritual or political beliefs, or where we’ve come from. They just care about helping us to be the best version of US that we can be. These beautiful beasts can provide the non-judgmental, trusting friend to help them begin their internal movement in their life. We are committed to each and every woman who is striving and persevering to make the changes to moving forward in their lives with locations for these workshops and programs globally around the world. 

Women's Workshop in Calgary for Personal Development     Life Skills Programs for Women's Organizations in Calgary
Individuals - women pursuing their calling, their next steps to move forward
would qualify for the Trailblazer on Fire Workshop Series.
  Groups of women through an established organization who are dedicated to helping women change their lives through building life skills necessary to move forward and build the future they are wanting but continually understanding it’s through the steps one takes each time they enter into the programs with horses.