What Do I Get With My Certification?EAL Equine Become Certified Working with Horses

So, when I take your course what the heck do I get with my Certification Course? There are a lot of different courses out there. How does one choose? Will you choose the one that will bring you success? What makes Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning, with business course so different?

I will receive the following:

  1. Equine Assisted Business Training (EABT) and Equine Assisted Learning that features the BuildingBlock Curriculum.
  2. FREE training for the life of my equine career.
  3. How to get my ROI (return on investment) back within a few months.
  4. A course that has 12 PROGRAMS with OBJECTIVES which will give me a beginning, middle and an end with a solid structure to ensure my clients reach their goals.
  5. Credentials - A Certification recognized nationally and internationally!
  6. 60 hours of FUN, brain overload, excitement and learning in 5 days that will be guaranteed to be life changing!
  7. I will get the 6-month online review training in addition to my 5-day hands-on course.
  8. My certification is five (5) days, but I will also receive that continual training after my course so that I will become an expert in my field.
  9. I get the latest and up to date technology for my business package -  I do not have to recreate the wheel. I will receive hundreds and hundreds of items created for my new 'equine' business.
  10. I will save myself three (3) years of building this business as it's all created for me including how to sell to my clients.
  11. I will get to take a Behavioural Assessment as part of my course: a key to being able to understand my clients to be and understanding myself in how our communication styles are, to deliver the most dynamic workshop or curriculum programs.
  12. I will receive the 5-year University research study done on this particular  ‘EAL Course'.
  13. I am not just certified and told, "good luck", I am with a company that will help me succeed step by step until I am where I want to be in my equine business. No additional fee's.
  14. I am with a company that has all their 'Certified Facilitators' enrolled with a governing body to ensure quality certified facilitators are maintaining certification for the industry, their horses and their commitment to safety through the EAL Network.
  15. I will be trained to sell the Equine Assisted Learning Programs to my clientele.
  16. I will receive marketing training which includes all the social media platforms so I can move my business forward.
  17. I will be a part of the world wide business support group with other certified facilitators around the world, working together to build our businesses. I'm never alone!
  18. I will receive any media releases on news channels so I can feature that I am certified in this BuildingBlock™ Program.
  19. I can tell everyone that I am certified with the Equine Connection and 'we've' been on the Family Channel - featured with famous Anti-Bullying Program. Why? Because we are one team when you join us and we share everything once you are certified.
  20. Our promise to you is we are with you every step of the way. That is why we are different. That is why it is a solid equine business course. You receive everything you need for your own successful business.

We give you all the secrets to becoming successful in your community with your certification. The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning will help you at every step of your career! Receive all of our secrets; the "what works" and "what doesn't." We've done it all the hard way, so you don’t have to. Why do we give you everything? It's simple. We aren't successful until YOU are.

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Where successful Equine Assisted Learning Certified Facilitators are born.
You will know what to do with your certification. This business is all about working with our horses in understanding them and keeping not only them safe and happy but our clients too.




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