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Sure, paintball is a good time and all, but where is the application? How is your corporate event benefiting your organization LONG TERM from the typical team building day?

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Your organization is Unique, Shouldn’t Your Training Program Be Too?
Investing in your team will make happier and more productive employees - creating the profits your company is seeking.

"One of the biggest challenges in business today is to lead the team to success. Employees that are not engaged cost the corporation money while having engaged employees will earn 2.5x more revenue." - Officevibe

Our objectively driven programs build trust, collaboration and communication in a fun and engaging atmosphere rather than some of the competitive atmospheres of other team building options! Your organization will see results immediately. What you learn is important, however, what you remember is priceless. Working with horses creates a unique memory that causes the participants to remember the training far longer than if sitting in 'just another classroom'. No riding our teachers, they are with us to provide the answers to problems that need solving. Our best memories are not from a classroom. Are they.     

Our Certified Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) program takes your employees out of the regular ‘classroom’ setting and ratchets up their critical skills and competency at each leader-level though horse/human interaction. Participants leave with a solid toolkit for success, solid experiential skills they retain and improved morale, which translates into improved productivity.

Sort out the qualities of your employees by putting the horse in the middle of your team. Horses reveal the hidden dynamics of teams so that they can be effectively managed. It's the truest of honesty as to identify individual and team’s qualities and what they may or may not be showing you. The horse can discern and give honest feedback as they know no other way.

Much like horses, we look for strong leadership and mutual trust and respect is only given and reciprocated once there is a strong leader to follow. Using horses as a corporate team building tool can give your business leaders the chance to learn how to be an authentic leader; a leader that people will follow and trust.

It has been proven that the more senses that are engaged, the greater the likelihood that new learning will be retained. If you want the same results keep doing what you are doing. Looking for substantial results, change, then you have found the organization to bring about the change your leaders and teams need to take your company to that next level of profits.


There are always three main attributes to a successful employee; knowledge, skills and experience. Knowledge can be memorized, experience is gained over time but SKILLS are the foundation of learning to be able to utilize the knowledge and experience any employee has gained.

At the most basic level of all skills are interpersonal communications skills, which also tends to be one of the most lacking in today's corporate environment. Horses reveal the hidden dynamics of your team. Program activities are designed to facilitate problem solving that encourages individuals to work cohesively as a team for positive results. This unique style of horse/human interaction is an effective approach to team building and leadership development and is a powerful metaphor for the work environment.

All programs are specifically setup for your team and your objectives. There is no guessing what your team will get out of the day as we select the programs that will work best for you.

Participation, retention, fun and oh yeah.... a horse! 

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Four Generations. One Workshop.

How Is Your Organizations Coping? Bridge the Generation Gap in Your Organization

You already know the potential generational issues that your organization faces. This is your opportunity to address these issues through teamwork and communication between the generations and build leadership bench strength for the future. Bring your senior managers and your next generation of leaders together to collaborate in team working, communication and problem solving, bridging the gap between your existing and up and coming leaders. Challenge your team with our professional team of facilitators and horses, an excellent facility focused on experiential learning, while enjoying a fun event but serious corporate team building and leadership activity that is customized to the needs of your organization.

Don't lose the years of skills, experience and investment, as senior managers retire. Ensure the transfer of skills to your new executives by Bridging the Gap.

Cost of Employee TurnoverTeam Building Events In Calgary Alberta

"Let's assume the average salary of employees in any given company is $50,000 per year. Taking the cost of turnover at 150% of salary, the cost of turnover is then $75,000 per employee who leaves the company. For the mid?sized company of 1,000 employees who has a 10% annual rate of turnover, the annual cost of turnover is $7.5 million!" William G. Bliss

Results Are Important

When you invest in your team, you want results for both time and money that’s spent. A one day program working with our horses will …

  • Bring immediate change through experiential learning.
  • Uncover forthcoming and hidden talents of your employees to establish that you have the right people in the right positions so that you are utilizing each employee to their full potential.
  • Provide a solid understanding of who is in your team and how to effectively work together
  • Create a team mindset. Your organization’s stability and growth depends on the people within it.
  • Engaging your employees with training and development they can use both personally and professionally creates stability within your organization.
  • Increase communication skills and techniques.  These are essential to any situation, especially in the workforce.
  • Give a lasting memory with lasting change because you can't fool the teacher!

The quality of employees and the continual improvement of their skills and productivity through training are now widely recognized as vital factors in ensuring the long-term success and profitability of any business. Our program ratchets up your employees critical skills at each leader-level and the participants leave with increased competency, improved morale and a solid toolkit for success.

You Want Results. You Want Your Investment To Hit Company Goals = Profit.

In our ever-changing economy, your employees are your most valuable asset. It’s time to engage in a hands-on program that gives your team a unique experience to acquire and fine tune valuable skill sets that can be applied in the workplace. Equine Connection uses a proactive approach to empowering individuals through group activities with a focus on appreciating and building on individual qualities while having some extreme fun in doing so.
a 1,200 pound horse won’t move just because you tug on her halter…

Identify “natural” leaders immediately. Strong leaders have an inner confidence and possess many positive qualities such as determination, commitment and compassion. Horses are innately astute and immediately identify these positive traits as well as sensing anxious, aggressive and nervous energy. Horses seek to find trusting and respectful leadership and a team's success depends on creating that relationship, while having fun at the same time.
are you using the right tools for the job?

To understand how this process works, one must first realize how horses learn, understanding the rules of survival. In a horses world the rules are clear, easy to understand and dealt with swiftly if challenged. Team work is a necessity to the survival of the herd, it is not only expected but respected. Team building development offered in Calgary, Alberta, Toronto, Ontario and Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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Stampede Events

Calgary Stampede Events that are unique for the Team

Cowboy boots, bbq and horses - sounds like stampede!

The Calgary Stampede is just around the corner! How will you make your Stampede event memorable, fun AND worthwhile!
Sure, paintball or beer gardens at the grounds is a good time and all, but where is the application? How is your team benefiting LONG TERM from this typical kind of activity?
Skip the crowds and grab your sales team, clients and/or leadership team in a day getting up close and personal with our horses. A half day of working with horses out of the saddle with a unique and fun activity. Includes a real down home BBQ with some of your favourite beverages! Available leading up to and during Stampede week, Monday - Friday,  25 minutes East of Calgary.
Maximize your budget - a group of up to 15 people will cost ONLY $200 per person for a half day event! Including a cowboy BBQ, snacks and beverages!
More FUN than an 8 second ride!!! For groups of 8-15 people. ONLY $3000 for a half day event! Give us a shout to book your date TODAY!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The one venue in Calgary that will look after all your development needs through customized objectives and outcomes for your organization.

How is equine connection different than other team building events you have tried?

WE PUT A HORSE IN THE MIX WITH YOUR TEAM! Why choose a 1200 pound teacher?

NO riding these non-judgemental, honest and will tell it like it is, horses. There is no pushing around these incredible teachers. Our participants will have to step up. If a horse doesn’t have a leader, they will become the leader. The only way to learn and retain skills is out of our comfort zone.

They are a prey animal.

This means their senses are highly astute. They can hear our heart beat and they will react the slightest changes within a team - allowing facilitators to find those “teachable moments”.

They are just like us - sort of.

Horses have a lot to teach us, but they are also a lot like us.  Herds to horses are teams to people. Horses require a leader that they trust and respect, just like we would love to have in the workplace. These parallels give us the ability to parallel everything that happens to real life so that what you learn really sticks!
Quite simply, the horse does the teaching; facilitators are there to offer explanation and provide guidance as they work through the solution. Working with horses creates memories that we can apply to our lives and retain far longer than sitting in ‘just another classroom'.

Lasting change because you can't fool the teacher!

Our, one of a kind, BuildingBlock™ Certified Equine-Assisted Learning Program© will teach your group how four-legged teachers assist participants in learning the power and strength of non-verbal communication and change within themselves. This is a powerful journey of teaching, learning and understanding. This is NOT just a fun day out, well, it is still fun, but it is a skill building session that will give you an increase in profits.


  • Immediate change through experiential learning
  • Objective and outcomes tailored to your organization
  • Itemization of the issues facing the company
  • Solid understanding of who is in your team and how to effectively work together
  • Great leadership comes with being a great communicator
  • Horses reveal the hidden dynamics of your leaders and teams


Your program includes:

  • Programs to meet your organization objectives with RESULTS
  • Certified Facilitators
  • Heated arena and classroom located close to Calgary
  • A fun, engaging day of hands-on skill building
  • Delicious homemade lunch in a real country kitchen!
  • Snacks and drinks throughout the day
  • Pictures of your entire day PLUS a professional video of your team
  • Insurance Coverage


As small as 6 and to a maximum of 12. Group size larger than 12? Give us a call, we can make it work!


When you purchase your team building event, we give back with your organizations name to a youth….. Just ask us how this works.


Absolutely not. Our program does not require you to ride a horse, NO riding. so no prior experience is necessary. We always put safety first and we can accommodate everyone's different comfort levels around the horses.


No worries! If you or your team aren't being pushed out of your comfort zone, you aren't learning. This is an opportunity to overcome your fears or preconceived notions. Some of the people who have attended our workshops have started out petrified, but by the end of the one program, they have all learned more about themselves and overcome their fear.


Not with our heated arena you won't! We have to be out there too so we understand the need for a warm environment. If the weather outside is nice, we can always work in the sunshine, but too hot or too cold, we have the covered arena to keep us comfortable. We all need to be comfortable to get the most out of the Programs. Your program will take place regardless of the weather.


No. All of our work is out of the saddle. You will work along side the horses as part of your team for the best and true reaction of the horse and the most beneficial way of learning for you. This way the horse can be it's true self and not be "on the job"


Although chaps and a pair of cowboy boots aren't required, we do have certain safety requirements when it comes to your clothing. Simple things like closed toe shoes and dressing in clothes that you are ok with getting a little dusty. We will give you a full list of these safety measures, of the Program.


Not at all! It takes less time than driving to downtown Calgary for most people!
If you are from other places in the world just ask us where these programs are also being delivered as we have certified facilitators using these same programs in North America and Internationally.


Yes! Kari Fulmek, Carolyn Charles, and Karsyn Fulmek are all certified through the Academy of Equine Assisted Learning, a leading organization in the World.


Yes we carry extensive insurance for ourselves and those who attend our Program.


Knowing is half the battle! Just be sure to take an allergy pill before you come. Our sales and Marketing Director is also allergic to horses, but finds that the allergy pills will do the trick.

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