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INTERNATIONAL CERTIFIED HORSE COURSE WITH BUSINESS AND MARKETING for your SUCCESS! Bring this powerful Horse Course Certification to your facility!

Use Your Facility. Work With Your Horses. Change People's Lives.

8 Reasons why you would want this world-renowned Global Certified Facilitator Business Training Course to come to you!

  1. Work with an organization that is globally recognized. Definition is: A global company is a business that operates in two or more countries.
  2. Save on costs for flights, accommodations, rentals, and food.
  3. You receive 25% off your certification course.
  4. We do all the marketing to make your event a success!
  5. We work with your horses, so you know if they are going to like their horse job with Equine Assisted Learning.
  6. You invite your potential clients from organizations that you'd like to have contracts with to be the participants in the 'objectively driven' programs.
  7. IF you live outside of Canada and register for the course there in NO GST on your course.
  8. Now booking for 2021!


“Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how hosting an Equine Connection certification course could have such a profoundly rewarding effect on so many; myself, fellow trainees, the ponies, and the people who participated in the objectively driven programs. By the end of the week, we already had potential clients lined up and referrals for more! Life Skills Development? How about Life Thrills Development, for this host! Thank you so much for bringing this to the USA! Emily Chetkowski, Villi Poni Farm, NH

Requirements for Host Facility

  • Horses with life skills (4 minimum).
  • Indoor arena (if possible) with props for afternoon learning.
  • Classroom area for morning learning.
  • We market the Certified Course to others who are wanting a career in a 'Horse Business' so you don't have to.
  • Potential clients for us to facilitate during the afternoon's sessions of the course. Youth, women, team building or any specialized group! Don't worry; we will help you with that too.
  • A $2000 deposit guarantee's your facility is booked for the Certified Course and that goes towards your certification.

SAVE 25% off your course just by hosting

SAVE yourself the travel expenses of flight, car rentals, additional taxes such as PST/HST, pay in Canadian currency, PLUS your time in travel! PLUS you will have the BONUS of saving money by hosting at your facility. Cost for travelling Certified Courses: Pay for the course in full or use our payment plan interest-free $5997 (CDN). IF you live outside of Canada and register for the course there in NO GST on your course.

Good News . . . Our global Equine Certification Course (EABT) is extremely popular!
Sad News . . .  Sorry, we already booked for 2020!
Great News! We might be in your area and close by with another travelling school. We're just a phone call away if you would like to chat with us. We are now booking for 2021!


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