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Imagine the Opportunity to Help Change Lives Through Working With Horses

Introducing a revolutionary new approach to changing lives through horses. With Equine Assisted Business Training (EABT), YOU can do it with our help every step of your career!

We've done it all the hard way, so you don't have to. Listen to our story....


When you enroll in this, one-of-a-kind, unique and extremely fun EABT Course featuring the BuildingBlock™ Certified Equine-Assisted Learning Program©, you will learn how four legged teachers assist participants in learning the power and strength of nonverbal communication. This course has been designed with the express intent of providing a standardized educational format for individuals like yourself, interested in expanding your knowledge in the industry, as well as increasing your business marketability and earning potential.

Here at Equine Connection we are dedicated professionals to assisting you in your powerful journey of Equine-Assisted Learning. Small classes so book your spot now!

Do you have a passion and purpose for working with horses and people? Then look no further! This career is for you! Experience a different side of a horse business with equine assisted learning. No riding is involved in these 'objectively driven' programs with results and the horse is always the teacher. Don't wait to make YOUR dreams/goals a reality. Fulfill your destiny today!

The qualifications to become a Certified EAL Facilitator is your love of helping people and your love of working with horses.

Where Successful Equine Assisted Learning Certified Facilitators are Born.

It's not just a course... it's a career! You choose if you want it to be full-time, part-time or casual.

The Equine Assisted Business Training (EABT) is essential to run your Equine Assisted Learning Program.  We aren't successful until you are, so we will give you the business know-how, marketing, social media and get you moving in the right direction to make your business a success. We are an Internationally and Nationally Recognized Course for a reason - it's not just about becoming a certified facilitator, but also about setting up your business with the best partners you could ask for... HORSES!

Do you have more questions, but you want to hear the answer from the horses mouth? Join our forum where you can ask graduates of the course all of your questions!
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Certified EAL Courses - Located in:

Calgary, Alberta - London, Ontario - and Sydney, Australia.
Just pick the area you are interested in attending.

In addition to the above locations we also offer our Travelling Certified Equine Assisted Learning Courses. Keep checking back to this page to see if we are coming to your area!

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