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Your already certified and want to host your own Certified School?
Bring this powerful Horse Course Certification to your facility!

Use Your Facility. Work With Your Horses. Change People's Lives.

7 Reasons why you would want this world-renowned Global Certified Facilitator Business Training Course to come to you besides seeing us in a person again…haha!
  • Make money!! What? How? Get your ideal organizations out to your facility to take to the programs/exercises while we are there doing the certified course. 1:30pm-3:30pm on Day 2 and Day 4 of the course. We will also help you to get the commitment with that organization.
  • Get retrained for FREE at your place! A second time through the course and the programs give you a completely different look and feel. You see the programs in a completely different way and retain that second training even stronger than the first time that you felt like it was a whirlwind. PLUS save on costs for flights, accommodations, and rental cars.
  • Your team associate will get certified for receive 50% off course OR you can choose a rental fee of $2000 Canadian instead of the team associate course.
  • We do all the marketing to make your event a success!
  • We work with your horses. 4-6 horses that have life skills (experience in life).
  • During the exercise component of the course you just work by the side of your instructors so you are clearly seeing the step-in moments that the horse has asked for one of us to step-in for. Hear what we ask and how we start the process of empowering your clients. Experiential learning at the max!
  • You get to hang out with us for a whole five days!

Send us the reasons why we should choose your facility to come to!

We will choose 2 locations of our facilitators each year. Just click which year you are most interested in. We cannot come to everyone who applies as it’s through strategic planning and where are clients are asking for the most.

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Host list:
Here is the link to the supplies you probably already have created but these are a must to have.

You’ll also have to feed your instructors lunch in this incredible adventure. Otherwise we get hangry.