Authentic You Women's Workshop

These women’s workshops are designed to help women ‘Discover What Gives Your Life Meaning’.


  • 4 new EAL programs with objectives.
  • 4 beautifully designed flip charts.
  • Station cards to go with each of the new programs.
  • Marketing cards to hand out to networking clubs, trade shows or just around town. They are created and we put your name and website on them.
  • Certificates you can print off for your clients taking the workshop.
  • Agenda for the weekend.
  • Name tags beautifully designed and ready to use.
  • Achievement words for workshop.
  • 50 pictures with verbiage for marketing on social media platforms
  • 12 professionally designed videos to market on social media platforms
  • You can use our video from our website for Authentic You to put on your website.
  • 2 for 1 coupons to get your workshops moving - we will put your company name on it.
  • A personal guide & direction book - you will get printed and had out to your clients.
  • Communication assessment to use during your workshop.
  • Food for Thoughts deck of cards - this is link you will order from to get them for your clients - you order at your discretion.
  • Food for Thoughts for in a PDF to print off to use throughout your weekend course.
  • Card planning session (Beat the crystal ball) - get 1 or 2 sets of these cards ordered. These cards are for you to use in your workshop not for clients to take home. - Demo video on how to use the cards.
  • Photo release and allergy form with your name/company name on it for clients to sign.
  • Logo in png/jpeg for your use in marketing.
  • 11x14 size picture of the beautiful picture designed by a hired artist by the name of Debi Baldwin. This is unique and totally original.
  • Demo video on how workshop works.
  • Demo video on each the EAL programs.
  • Demo video on how you will do the communication assessments.
  • Powerpoint already in order for the weekend workshop.
  • PDF of the powerpoint in case you don’t have a powerpoint you can use the whiteboard to get your workshop rolling.
  • Equine Connection will be promoting this workshop on Facebook and Pinterest for facilitators around the world.


How will you make money?

Do 10 women’s workshops/year with 4 women at a time.
Cost $897 for digital workshop in a box

Do 10 weekend workshops/year with 4 women, that would be 40 women @ a charge to your clients of $497/person = $19,880
$19,880 - cost of workshop $897 = $18,983

IF you ever add another team member to your business you are now looking at 8 women/workshop a year and you would now double your income to $38,863

Purchase today to start running your Authentic You Women's Workshops!

Pay in Full

$897+44.85 (GST if applicable) = $941.85

Canadian Facilitators International Facilitators


Payment Plan

Making payments has never been easier PLUS you get your workshop in a box as soon as you make the first payment. You have up to 10 months to pay off.  $94.19/month

Payment Plan