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Horse course, horse school, horse program, horse work, horse learning… whatever you want to call it; it is achieving a dream career for you and your horse.

International Horse Certification Course with Business Training


Belong to a company that cares about your success! We don't just certify people; we work with you to achieve your success in this horse business field. A Global Equine Assisted Learning Business Training™ (EABT™) company that works together to find success around the world, helping people to be empowered and helping them to change their lives while working with the horse. Through this powerful Horse Course which just isn't a dream; it's a reality, you will start your new business with your horse programs with confidence!




Purpose. Destiny. Fulfillment. Becoming a Certified Facilitator is about inspiring and helping other human beings develop life skills! Skills are the most sought-after commodity in every industry, and you will be shocked at the positive results you will see in your clients. Horse learning and horse work are imperative to the success of the programs and how they communicate with human beings. We value the well being of the horse and know that a horse can only think like a horse, and that is what makes them the ultimate teacher!

No equine therapy - no riding. We do know however, that whenever you work with these magnificent creatures, horse therapy exists.

This Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator course is revolutionary and gives you everything you need to begin your own successful horse business! The training never ends with your one-time investment includes the business package; business training; marketing with this horse field; how to secure and retain your clients, credentials and endless support is included in your course and so much more! We’re not successful until you are successful!

Starting on a new path in life is sometimes scary but also very exciting, and with our ready-made business certification -  you know what to do with your certification. Whether you are an entrepreneur, or have never started your own business, learn from the industry leaders how to not only become Certified in how to use these horse programs but how to market and build your horse business in this very specialized ‘Horse’ field.

What makes this Equine Assisted Learning course so different? It is Equine Assisted Business Training featuring the BuildingBlock™ curriculum. We work with the originator and designer of the BuildingBlock™ curriculum who created this through research based on how human beings learn and how wild horses communicate, and then she brought these two research pieces together to create all of these objectively driven programs. Each program has an objective that is interlaced in the next program so that your participants keep learning and building stronger skills each week, hence, a BuildingBlock™ Equine Course with a Certification that is proven to work. The sky is the limit where you can use your Certification in the world today.

Equine Assisted Learning?
Dream Career. Horses. Passion.
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Why Horses?
Horses. The Teachers. Why Prey.
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Why Get Certified?
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What Do I Get?
International. Business. Success.
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Course Dates
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Host A School
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Client Comments
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