Applications to Consider with your Certification

This is a different kind of horse business. But what do you do with it after? What are some of the groups you can work with once you are certified?

  • Youth at Risk
  • Women at RiskHelping people with horses equine assisted learning EAL
  • Anti Bullying 
  • Teenage Pregnancy
  • Behavioural Disorders (ADHD, FAS, ODD, OCD etc.)
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Depression
  • Skill Development Programs 
  • Addictions Recovery
  • Self Esteem Programs 
  • Self Confidence Programs 
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Women's Workshops 
  • Entrepreneur Training
  • Workplace Skills Development 
  • Marriage Skill Development
  • Sales People
  • Life Coach
  • In conjunction with a Social Worker, Psychologist or Counsellor
  • PTSD Clients (after counselling or with the assistance of a certified therapist or counsellor)
  • And so many more! The sky is the limit. Where there are people, there is a need for EAL!

We are not a therapy program/course but we do understand the healing effect that a horse can have on a human! The greatest part of the objectively driven programs and working with our horses as teachers is that we are able to build strong life skills without therapy.  The participants find the solutions to their own lives with the horses and the programs always ensure a result!

Start your dream career today! A business with your horses and helping people - what could be better than that?

Equine Assisted Learning BuildingBlock™ Course has helped people just like yourself all over the world to do what you are called to do, help people to become all they can be with the horses as the teachers.

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