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Your life is about to change. You might not know it yet, but the decision you’re about to make could set everything in motion for living your dream career!

A career that fits with your values is one of the most important things you can consider when choosing a path. At Equine Connection, we are dedicated first and foremost to the welfare of the horse. We are devoted to excellence in life-time training, research, science, business, and focus on-ground activities that are objectively results-driven rather than horseback riding. Our exercises are designed to help you connect with horses in a way that is respectful and beneficial for you, your clients, and the horse. We are there for the long haul of your career, and we want to help you make a difference in the world. If you are looking for a career that will allow you to live your values, Equine Connection is the perfect place for you.

Becoming a Certified Facilitator is an amazing way to help others while also spending time with horses. As a facilitator, you will be inspiring and empowering other human beings to acquire powerful skills. The horse does the teaching, and the facilitation is done by you. This is an incredibly rewarding experience that will have a lasting impact on those you help. This is an exciting opportunity to train for your true calling and live your purpose with the life you are meant to live with horses. If you are passionate about helping others and love spending time with horses, then wait no more!
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