INTRODUCING HORSES AS TEACHERS. All over the world horses are valued for being teachers and therapists.

Welcome to The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) your industry leaders! Becoming a Certified EAL Facilitator is about inspiring and helping other human beings develop life skills! Skills are the most sought after commodity in every industry. We study the horse and how they communicate with human beings. We value the well being of the horse and know that a horse can only think like a horse and that is what makes them the ultimate teacher!

Today you will be looking through information about the most incredible interactive horse-human learning experience available throughout the world. It's not just a certification, it's starting your new career/business! Learn from the industry leaders how to not only become Certified in EAL but how to market and build your business in this very specialized ‘Equine’ field. This course is Internationally Recognized and has facilitators certified all over the world!

Our mission is to develop businesses and individuals to create sustainable change in their lives, their communities and the world. This amazing five (5) day on-site learning Equine Assisted Learning Certified Course includes an on-line 6 month review training to empower you with the knowledge you need to start facilitating and helping  people in your own community. 

Make your mark in your community, create a legacy and a great reputation, and go to market with creditability. What makes this Equine Assisted Learning course so different? We work with the originator and designer of all the BuildingBlock™ curriculum! The creation came from research on how do human beings learn and  how do wild horses communicate and then she brought the two research pieces together to create all these objectively driven programs. Each program has an objective that is interlaced in the next program so that your participants keep learning and building stronger skills each week, hence, a BuildingBlock™ EAL Course with a Certification that is proven to work. The sky is the limit where you can use your Certification in the world today.

Equine Connection Certified Equine Assisting Learning Course EAL      equine connection equine assisted learning course eal      equine connection equine assisted learning eal


“Every horse has something to teach. Every human something to learn.” Buck Brannaman

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” Alexandra K. Trenfor

Equine Assisted Learning BuildingBlock™ Course has helped people just like yourself all over the world to do what you are called to do, help people to become all they can be with the horses as the teachers. 

Ontario Campus FAQ

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IF you still need some more questions answered about this EAL course Kari created another FAQ with questions she gets asked the most about this business and what and where it can take you.‚Äč

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