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It’s time to engage in a hands‐on program that provides your team with a unique experience to fine tune valuable skill sets and how to manage the behaviours of their team that can be brought back and used in the workplace. Equine Connection uses a proactive approach to empowering each individual through group exercises with a focus on appreciating individual qualities while having some extreme fun in doing so.

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For your teambuilding and leadership development. An interactive skill development program with irrefutable results. Your best memories are not from a classroom. Are they. Our Certified Equine‐Assisted Learning (EAL) program takes your employees outside of the regular ‘classroom’ setting and ratchets up their critical skills and increases competency at each leader‐level though horse/human interaction. Participants leave with a solid toolkit for success, great laughs, memories that will stick and improved morale, which translates into improved productivity. Your leaders have more self awareness and understanding on how their behaviour impacts others.


Exercises and team activities are designed to facilitate problem solving that encourages individuals to work cohesively as a team for positive results. Gives them the ability to manage and master their emotions and respond appropriately to the emotions of others. This unique style of horse/human interaction is an effective approach to team building and leadership development and is a powerful metaphor for the work environment.


An 1,100 pound horse won't move just because you tug her halter. Strong leaders have an inner confidence and possess many positive qualities such as determination, commitment and compassion. Horses are innately astute and immediately identify these positive traits as well as sensing anxious, aggressive and nervous energy. Horses seek to find trusting and respectful leadership and our horses will show you the forthcoming and hidden talents of your employees. A team's success depends on creating that relationship, while having fun at the same time.


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"This was so unexpected. I was skeptical to begin with, couldn’t think how this would be relevant to Leadership. It is totally relevant."
Wendy Wood - Canadian Pacific Police Service   

Equine Assisted Learning - EAL

What you learn is important, however what you remember is priceless.
Working with horses creates a unique memory that causes the attendee to remember the training far longer than if sitting in 'just-another-classroom'.

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